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Yamada, T., 2004: Merging CFD and Atmospheric Modeling Capabilities to Simulate Airflows and Dispersion in Urban Areas. Computational Fluid Dynamics Journal, 13(2):47, 329-341.

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What is the future direction of urban environmental modeling? Find out what Ted Yamada, founder of YSA thinks about these and other issues.
Welcome to Yamada Science & Art
Wind. Weather. Airflow. Pollutants.

What’s in the air can effect the successful implementation of your project? Yamada Science and Art (YSA) takes the guesswork out of assessing air quality issues and environmental impact studies with A2C, our next generation high-resolution multiscale atmospheric modeling software,

A2C offers a high degree of accuracy in simulating, forecasting, and visualizing airflow and dispersion of toxic materials in an urban environment—around a single building or over land masses as large as continents. Superior quality 2-D and 3-D graphics along with a user-friendly interface make A2C an indispensable tool for professionals involved in building projects, air quality assessments, urban planning, and emergency response management.

YSA supports users in commercial, educational, and government sectors worldwide—from city planners and structural engineers to utility companies and the military.