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"YSA is dedicated to giving decision makers tools that are accurate yet simple to use and ultimately cost effective in a time critical situation"

Founded in 1988 by Dr. Ted Yamada, Yamada Science & Art Corporation (YSA) offers advanced innovative atmospheric modeling solutions to predict the airflows patterns and effects and the dispersion of airborne materials over urban areas, coastal regions, and complex terrain. Our breakthrough multiscale technology, which couples mesoscale and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), provides higher resolution with a greater degree of accuracy than ever before.

YSA supports users worldwide in commercial, educational, and government sectors. Our staff works closely with each client, providing technical support and consulting services.

In addition to supporting our clients, we are committed to ongoing R&D efforts and to building new strategic alliances with other commercial entities, government agencies, and universities.
YSA is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 1999, YSA Japan, Inc. was launched in Tokyo to support our growing customer base in Asia.
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