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A2C lends itself to a wide range of commercial, academic, and government applications and a diverse cross-section of users: scientists, engineers, builders, architects, operations and facilities managers, emergency response teams, and city planners.

Organizations that have benefited from A2C’s airflow analysis include environmental consulting companies, civil and structural engineers, architects, refineries, city planners, heavy industry, construction companies, utility companies, nuclear power stations, airlines, real estate developers (golf courses, recreational parks, etc.), and alternative energy providers. YSA’s solutions have achieved recognition by universities and scientific research organizations worldwide.

service-sm_copy.jpgApplications include:

  • Environmental assessment for site planning and urban planning
  • Homeland security
  • Forest fire and prescribed burns
  • Emergency response and post-disaster evaluation
  • Atmospheric research
  • Air quality assessment
  • Training & education
  • Litigation for health-related issues
  • Evaluation of energy solutions, from wind farms to nuclear power stations

YSA was invited to appear as a special guest on the national television series American Environmental Review, hosted by Mr. Morley Safer. This program showed how our software is being applied to current events. Please view our program. It’s a little over 5 minutes.

Please visit Los Alamos National Laboratory to learn about their HOTMAC/RAPTAD modeling capabilities.