A2C Atmospheric Modeling Solutions (NEW HOTMAC/RAPTAD model)
Our unique high-resolution modeling system for predicting weather and airflow around buildings


YSA's new HOTMAC/RAPTAD has merged two cutting-edge technologies—mesoscale and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling capabilities into a powerful new solution—the A2C System. Our revolutionary solution offers a seamless two-way exchange of information between the effects of weather and the airflow around buildings.

A2C is a fully integrated software suite that includes data extraction, forecasting, and visualization/animation. With our easy-to-use graphical interface—unique to this subject area—even non-technical users can predict microscale weather and air particle dispersion information more accurately and apply the knowledge they gain to their projects.

The A2C completely integrated system includes:
A2Cflow (HOTMAC) : Predicts airflow around urban areas and buildings (e.g., wind tunnels), in complex terrain, and in coastal regions.

A2Ct&d (RAPTAD): Predicts the transport and release of toxic materials and air pollutants in urban areas and buildings, in complex terrain, and in coastal regions.

Pre-processor :
Extracts worldwide terrain and Japan's land-use data

Post processor (3-D graphics): 2-D and 3-D graphics/animation package to display model outputs immediately, which can be used for presentations, publications, reports, press releases.

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